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2. The LambdaMOO Database

In this chapter, I begin by describing in detail the various kinds of data that can appear in a LambdaMOO database and that, therefore, MOO programs can manipulate. In a few places, I refer to the LambdaCore database. This is one particular LambdaMOO database, created every so often by extracting the "core" of the current database for the original LambdaMOO.

The original LambdaMOO resides on the host lambda.moo.mud.org on port 8888. Feel free to drop by! A copy of the most recent release of the LambdaCore database can be obtained by anonymous FTP from host ftp.lambda.moo.mud.org in the directory pub/MOO.

2.1 MOO Value Types  
2.2 Objects in the MOO Database  

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