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4.2.5 Terminating One or All Iterations of a Loop

Sometimes, it is useful to exit a loop before it finishes all of its iterations. For example, if the loop is used to search for a particular kind of element of a list, then it might make sense to stop looping as soon as the right kind of element is found, even if there are more elements yet to see. The `break' statement is used for this purpose; it has the form



break name;

Each `break' statement indicates a specific surrounding loop; if name is not given, the statement refers to the innermost one. If it is given, name must be the name appearing right after the `for' or `while' keyword of the desired enclosing loop. When the `break' statement is executed, the indicated loop is immediately terminated and executing continues just as if the loop had completed its iterations normally.

MOO also allows you to terminate just the current iteration of a loop, making it immediately go on to the next one, if any. The `continue' statement does this; it has precisely the same forms as the `break' statement:



continue name;

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