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4.4.5 Operations Involving Times and Dates

Function: int time ()
Returns the current time, represented as the number of seconds that have elapsed since midnight on 1 January 1970, Greenwich Mean Time.

Function: str ctime ([int time])
Interprets time as a time, using the same representation as given in the description of time(), above, and converts it into a 28-character, human-readable string in the following format:

Mon Aug 13 19:13:20 1990 PDT

If the current day of the month is less than 10, then an extra blank appears between the month and the day:

Mon Apr  1 14:10:43 1991 PST

If time is not provided, then the current time is used.

Note that ctime() interprets time for the local time zone of the computer on which the MOO server is running.

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