MOOsaico: Multilingual Virtual Community

Esta entrevista passou-se durante uma mostra de cinema sobre minorias realizado em Braga. Depois da visualização das curtas metragens houve a possibilidade de conversar com a representante da Colectiva, Inc (quem proporcionou os filmes?) e com uma das realizadoras via Internet. Foi montado no auditório A1 da Universidade do Minho e num outro em Perth, Austrália, um sistema que projectasse num ecran a interacção que se iria seguir no MOOsaico para que o respectivo público pudesse ir vendo a entrevista.

Infelizmente a gravação foi feita pelo ecran de umas personagens que estavam ligadas, e não por algum objecto mais específico para o efeito.


23 de Fevereiro de 1995

Interviewer [to McGlynn]: Well, all the people u know r here.
Interviewer [to McGlynn]: Ky, Che, Cy, Turin (me), Zomb, Obli, etc.
Gandalf sits down.
Interviewer tickles Gandalf mercilessly, causing him to end up in a heap on
   the floor.
Gandalf sighs.
Interviewer [to all]: everybody ready?
Interviewer says, "Well we may begin, now. I welcome you all from here,
McGlynn mcglynn welcomes Portugal to Perth West Australia where we are
   transmitting from The Film and TV Institute Fremantle it has been 47
   degrees celsiuos to-day have a hot audeince..u are being projected
   onto a large screen:)
McGlynn smiles happily.
Interviewer says, ""I'd like to ask to the females present if the access
   to the Internet brings any benefit to you, both social & economically,
   seeing that the Internet is almost a "male game"."
McGlynn says, "their is always sexism present in any orgnaisation involed
   with technology..this is both in the field of video arts and
   multi-media..however we find in australia that net access is fairly easy
   to get regardless of gender..for the time being"
Interviewer . o O ( We fortunately have a warm room because of the air
   condicioning :-) )
McGlynn says, "and we a cold room ..grin"
Interviewer says, "Someone in the audience would also like to ask to the
   women if the access to the Internet could bring their freedom or if you
   have any problems socially from being women."
McGlynn says, "we have many promblems with trying to get our hands on
   equipment..."being a womyn" grin. I think the net needs to be brought
   into the community more ..not just for womyn .(although that is one
   important issue) but also for those that suffer dispalcements"
Interviewer would like to know how big is the audience on Australia.
McGlynn says, "due to trans-culturality ..Colectiva believes that the net
   could be well used with cummunity organisations suchas ours"
McGlynn says, "roughly 50 ppl"
McGlynn says, "the ppl here also saw the films before the conference"
Interviewer would also like to ask the percentage of women/men in your
McGlynn says, "the audience tonight contains more womyn then men..Colectiva
   has more womyn then men in it's group of our briefs is to encourage
   womyn into the industry via easy access to training and equipment"
Interviewer says, "I think that will help us a lot in our conversation,
McGlynn nods solemnly.
Kenobi appears in your midst..
Interviewer greets kenobi
Kenobi bows gracefully before Interviewer.
McGlynn nods a l'il less solemnly and with alot more ...smiles
McGlynn bows gracefully before Kenobi.
Interviewer asks if there is a "feminine art" or if the question is absurd.
McGlynn says, "one other brief of Colectiva's is that of Childcare
   Australia an issue sadly overlooked"
Gandalf waves.  He really has to leave.  He must go to another city right now.
McGlynn waves happily in Gandalf's direction.
Gandalf waves again to everybody here, in Australia and in Portugal.
Kenobi waves happily in Gandalf's direction.
McGlynn thnks gandalf for all his hard work
Gandalf [to McGlynn]: No problemo. :)
McGlynn wonders if you could extend on that interviewer?

     Neste momento o Gandalf teve de se desligar (era quem estava a
     gravar) e passou o controlo da gravação para o Kenobi.

McGlynn wonders if you could extend on that interviewer?
Gandalf goes home.
Interviewer asks, "Well is there a specific kind of movies, books, etc.
   that women like/know how to write/direct or are those "unisex" jobs?"
McGlynn says, "all art done by wimmin is "feminine" in it's very sense?..being
   a womyn means being female ..however feminine has certain conatations that
   the audience here are having problems a role"
Interviewer says, "I then ask if there is an hyper-valorization of their
   affective relationships. If the womyn study only to make themselves more
   "attractive" to their man."
Interviewer says, "This question is to all the females in the Australian's
McGlynn says, "hmm the audience is having A hard time understanding that
   question interviewer ..could u either extend or direct it to a certain
   filmmaker? ie does it relate to a film u have watched tonight"
McGlynn exclaims, "could u be a little more precise!"
Interviewer says, ""I'll try to refrase it, but i'll say that the questions
  asked here are not about a specific movie, but about all of them in general."
McGlynn nods
McGlynn says, "do u mean are we really brave*grin* ...cause i think all
  wimmin are brave when they challenge a male arena"
Interviewer says, "Well, I'd like to know if womYn try not to enter the
   "almost-men-dominated-jobs" because of the strenght they give to their
   relationship, but being afraid to lose thei feminility."
Interviewer scratches his head.
Interviewer tickles Kenobi mercilessly, causing us to end up in a heap on
   the floor.
Kenobi grins evilly.
Kenobi is trying to work...
Interviewer is trying to ask linear questions, with hundreds of people
   giving suggestions... :-(
Interviewer informs that the discussion about feminism goes on here in our
Kenobi [to Interviewer]: Don't you mean riot?
Interviewer says, "One of the speakers is talking about eco-feminism."
McGlynn  likes to think that she would never be a victim..however after
   saying that..In australia femininity gives one the feeling of helpless?
   so when u mention this word our audience is having problems ..however..i'm
   sure u mean being a womyn ingeneral
McGlynn says, "A large percentage of wimmin here are saying ..that being a
   feminist ..being a womyn does not mean u have to be a victim..this seems
   to be a common problem with feminist theory of the eighties.."
Interviewer says, "Yes, I'm talking about womyn in general."
McGlynn did i film with a group of eco-feminists in the early eighites..:)
Interviewer [to Kenobi]: Yeah, riot, that's the word.
Interviewer asks, "The question is: Do you, for instance, try to enter
Universities just to get more affection from your love?"
Interviewer [to Kenobi]: It's hard to concentrate with people talking,
   though... :-\
Kenobi comforts Interviewer.
Interviewer bursts into tears.
McGlynn says, "yes it is a definate problem being a womyn in the industry ..we
   still get sexist language such as camerman ..and many men like to think
   we shouldn't be i don't know why u go to uni ..but we go
   to learn about a certain theory ."
McGlynn says, "however you must have very interesting subjects there...*grein*"
Interviewer says, "The audience here is almost constituted by men (about 99.9%
McGlynn  knows exactly how the interviewer in Portugal is feeling ...however
   we are here for a reason..keep going
Interviewer asks if u'd like to talk about the eco-feminist movements.
McGlynn says, "hmm we thought so"
McGlynn says, "audience here laughing alot"
McGlynn exclaims, "so wot u gunna do about it BOYS!!!!!!!"
McGlynn says, "u have an audience that is 90% lesbian"
Kenobi falls down laughing.
Interviewer pouts
McGlynn asks, "interviewer sure ..wot would you like to know about the eco-fem
Interviewer says, "OK, I'm the man here, I'll ask the questions... ;-D"
Interviewer asks, "Well what do u think about the eco-fem movements?"
Interviewer also wonder why were you so concerned to state that 90% of u r
McGlynn says, "here in Australia eco is very important ..we have a huge eco
   movemtn..however it is not just wimmin that are workin in that direction
   ..although many r ..we see the problem of the earth as one for all to
   mend..and gee it's pretty big .."
McGlynn says, "so we'd better all start.."
McGlynn exclaims, "know we can operate a shovel...can you BOYS!!"
Interviewer nopes, but we can operate a camera (cameraMAN) :-]
McGlynn asks, "why were you so concerned to state any percentage...we thought
   you maybe said that their ewas a certain amount of men in the
   it not ok to say that their is a percentage of another group of people?"
You say, "PC is cameraperson..."
McGlynn says, "well since camerman deosn't exsist as a reference to the
   industry ..u are doing well"
McGlynn thinks kenobi is doing well with the Perth audience:)
Kenobi smiles
McGlynn says, "sexism is multi-dimensional..lets question our"
McGlynn says, "gender politics is a deveolpment of the feminist theory but it
   isn't the only analitical tool for criticism of patriarchal societies"
McGlynn wonders if you are still there
Kenobi is alive...
Interviewer says, "We'll pass on to another subject, ok? :-))"
Interviewer says, "This is a question for Pilar."
McGlynn nods ..sure ..
Interviewer asks, "In your film is the aestethical issue delivered specificaly
   to womyn, tho it's about imigration ?"
Interviewer states, after asking the audience, that Pilar's movie was the one
   preferred by almost all.
Kasat says, "no it is a personal account of my time spent in isolation..many
   people have feelings of dispalcement ..this is due to many things..sometimes
   it is due to being a womyn that you feel displaced ..however in this
   situation it is about leaving one country .."
Kasat says, "to live in another..not knowing the language can have many
Interviewer asks, "Is that a feminin view of the imigration issue?"
Interviewer spanks one of the audience.
Interviewer says, "PORTUGUESE audience, I say :-)"
Kasat says, "it is my view ..i can not speak for many ...i try not to
   generalise on those issues.."
Kasat says, "talkin within is a personal account ..Colectiva supports the
Interviewer says, "Kasat, we are not talking about the message, but about the
   aestethic of the Movie."
Kasat asks, "but it is still the same answer it comes from myself not from
   other wimmin...i made the film it is based on a personal thought ..sorry
   i am a l'il confused .if i have still not answered your question correctly
   could you extend?"
Interviewer says, "I think you've answered our question, thankx"
Interviewer exclaims, "The audience is shy (the men feel intimidated) so we'll
   probably finish for now, but all the characters individually will talk to
   you, if possible, in a few minutes, with their MOO chars. We thank you all,
Interviewer says, "We'd also like to congratulate Julia Munoz for the Xcelent
   photography in the movie "Diario de una mujer descasada"."
Kasat says, "oh dear i hope we have not intimidated you too much...i am sorry
   if we have is sometimes very hard to put across a theory in this
Interviewer dones
Kenobi grins evilly.
Kasat says, "we woudl not want you to leave with a bad feeling of Perth
   wimmin ..oh anf 10% men *grin* but it is a question of equality for all
   ...not just for wimmin not just for men..we must learn  not to be victims
   ..but to work togehter"
Kenobi claps briefly.
Kenobi claps
Kasat says, "thank0-u for being with us ..thank-u for watching our films ..for
   being with our audeince ...thanks *smile*"
Kenobi smiles happily at Kasat.
Messiah changes to his terrestrial form, and appears next to you...
Messiah waves.
McGlynn waves happily in Messiah's direction.
Messiah smiles to all.
Messiah was on that BOYS audience some minutes ago... :)
ZarSoft teleports in and appears next to you...
Monolith(Stoned) appears in your midst..
spark appears in your midst..
Interviewer smiles too. I (Turin) will be there in a few minutes.
ZarSoft  waves
ANDRAX enters obediently after ZarSoft.
Monolith waves happily.
McGlynn smiles
ANDRAX diz, entao, meu?
SUPER_BISHOP de garrafa na mao aparece na penumbra da noite cambaleando...
Freirinha segue o seu Bishopzinho para ver se lhe da' um copinho e se
a consola...
Interviewer has disconnected.
SUPER_BISHOP foi pregar a outra freguesia....
Freirinha segue o seu bishopzinho para ver se ele a pussui ardentemente...!
McGlynn says, "well you are all still on a large screen"
McGlynn says, "ok just give me tow secs to disconnect the screen"
Messiah glups, "I hope i don't say anything stupid! "
spark exclaims, "Sorry, some of us didn't know!!!"
Messiah thinks if the audience in there don't mind, we can continue on large
   sreen for a few for minutes
ANDRAX says, meow!
McGlynn says, "hello"
Messiah thinks that some of the ppl on your audience will connect soon
McGlynn exclaims, "sorry this is not mcglynn ....,but, i'll have a chat!"
Messiah asks, "ok, r u one of the directors?"
McGlynn says, "bout femminism and anything ya wanna"
McGlynn says, "no..sorry"
Monolith(Drinking Vodka) [to McGlynn]: I would like to ask if you think that
   your struggle is harder because of the number of men in Australia is
   largerly superior to the number of Womyn.
McGlynn [to Monolith]: who told you that??
Messiah pats Monolith() on his head.
Messiah grins.
Ain't it fun when you know that you're gonna die young... says Suicidal.
Suicidal greets everybody.
ANDRAX says, What's up, doc?
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: I saw it in a few documentarys about Australia...
Addams appears in your midst dancing the Mamushka ...
Addams bows gracefully.
Interviewer has connected.
Interviewer waves happily.
McGlynn [to Monolith]: actually I'm male and personally i diina go for that
   sexism crap.. i believe in equality in a society
Messiah [to ZarSoft]: Please, let that ANDRAX thing outside, pleasE!
Monolith() [to MGlynn]: I think that the principal cause is Australia past.
   (The number of convists and so)
ANDRAX says, What's up, doc?
McGlynn [to Monolith]: actually there's more females!
ANDRAX is unceremoniously expelled from Auditorium by Interviewer.
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Thanks for the information...
Suicidal [to McGlynn]: can i make q question about yesterday movies session?
Suicidal raises an eyebrow inquisitively.
McGlynn says, "tis alright!:)"
McGlynn says, "ok fraZZ is back"
Messiah smiles to McGlynn.
Interviewer says, "Puppets are now banned from the auditorium..."
McGlynn [to suiciadal]: yep go ahead
Monolith() [to Kenobi]: I would like to know why i have't heard yet about a
   struggle for the womyn for thebad things men have, like forced military
Messiah says, "Good, i REALLY wanted to question you about that MEMORIAS DE
   AGUA movie, we saw today"
McGlynn [to Messiah]: yes!!!
Monolith() says, "My question is for all not for ken... sorry."
Trying to find some orcs to kill, Turin comes in, Gurthang in his hand.
Turin waves.
Suicidal asks, "you said (you=someone in Colectiva) that your movies were
   screened to small audiencies... and that they were mostly screened in
   festivals in foreign coutries.... being the movies about australia's
   issues, don't you think that the objective of appealing to ppl (australian
   ppl) attention to those issues fails?"
McGlynn [to Monolith]: have you heard about the 10 thousadn wimmin that staged
   a protest about that very subject in Chile durring the Pinochet years???
   cause they did ..and many never survived to tell about it
Suicidal says, "mainly because, the autralians that saw the movies, saw them
   in small spaces and probably (i mught be wrong) are already aware of those
   problem, 'coz most of them are in the same "business" you are..."
Interviewer asks, "OK, who was using the interviewer?"
Suicidal . o O ( typos... :/ )
Messiah smiles, "Yell, that movie was a poem with images. The poem was written
   by a men (antonio), but the voice and the face on the movie was a female.
   The movie was directed by you and Antonio. Well, the poem had a female
   prespective or not?
McGlynn [to Suicidal]: we are banned from most cinemas cause it is government
   sensitive ..yes we do have very deep censorship here in Australia is
   just guised well
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Are you saying that that womyn were manifesting for
   puting forced military service into womyn to?
Suicidal point the gun to his head and pulls the trigger...
McGlynn [to Messiah]: it was a mixture of the (otherness) ..niether female or
Monolith() cleans is shirt of Suicidal brains
Messiah nods.
Messiah [to McGlynn]: The other directors r still there?
McGlynn [to Monolith]: know i was saying they did that for the men that had
   been made to do militry service during the Pinochet yearws ..many of them
   died ..many of them disappeared was not just the others\
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Do you think that the money that you spend in making
   a film couldn't be spend in a better way?
Messiah looks to Monolith.
McGlynn [to Messiah]: antonio is in sydney although he rang me just before we
   connected and said that he widshed you all the best ..and he would talk to
   you all at a later date
McGlynn [to Monolith]: well u are the audience ..wot do u think?
Messiah nods, "How about Kasat & Rourke ?
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: What i was saying earlier, is that i see a lot of
   struggle for women equal, but only for the good things... I don't see any
   women struggling for the bad things...
McGlynn [to Messiah]: yep they are here
Messiah says, "ok"
Interviewer has disconnected.
McGlynn [to Monolith]: could you extend on that please
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: I believe in equal rights, but when i say equal i
   refer REALLY equal.
McGlynn [to Monolith]: that is exactly wot we hope we said tonight ...many
   questions were aimed at wimmin however i thought the audience bought things
   back to equality a few times ..feminism does not = equality in my eyes
   ..however many wimmin feminists would not agre
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: And i would like to make a question to your audience.
   Is the women part really inferior of the men part? If i could have a woman
   that would work for me, and the only thing that i has to do is stay home
   and cook, perhaps i would prefer that...
McGlynn says, "I truly believe that wimmin theorists in feminism have made
   wimmin out to be victims..this has allowed wimmin to hide behind a victims
   mask ..known as feminism.."
McGlynn says, "oh dear now i'm gunna have all the feminists dwon on me :)"
McGlynn [to Monolith]: er wot part are you talkin about monolith ..maybe you
   think a certain part you have is inferioor or visa versa?
McGlynn [to Monolith]: you are looking at male female dominion ...equality is
   were their is a shared common place
McGlynn says, "and not just between lovers.....this came from the audience ...."
The housekeeper arrives to cart Interviewer off to bed.
McGlynn says, "and oh yer a man ..trevor:)"
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Every Human being have a place in society, but that
   place can't be alocated by sex, race or religion. But i think is wrong to
   say that all women must struggle for equality and craps like that...
Messiah giggles merrily.
McGlynn [to Monolith]: so you think that wimmin should not struggle for a
   join effort..along side of the men...?
>From the depth of long lost memories, Oblivion appears.
Monolith() says, "There are women that like to be sensual, stupid, ... And
   others no."
Messiah hug o
Messiah hugs Oblivion.
McGlynn thinks maybe monolith would like to wipe his feet on this womyn that
   stays at home for him when he works in the front door
McGlynn bows gracefully before Oblivion.
Oblivion bows
Turin would like his womyn to wipe her feet on him! :-D
Messiah [to McGlynn]: ok, i'm hearing your conversation with lot's of
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: According to your latest question, i believe yes.
   After all my life exists because of a women and a men...
McGlynn [to Monolith]: wot makes you think thinking wimmin are not sensual?
Messiah think women and men can never be equal.
ZarSoft [to Monolith]: what sensual brain you have!!!
Messiah says, "Each gender has its place on society"
McGlynn [to Monolith]: do you think wimmin that have an institutional
   educatrion are not sensual? is that wot you are saying?
Monolith() [to mcglyyn]: Don't be offended, but that's true. Also there are
   men that like to be stupid, arrogant, son of ******. That don't mean that
   all men are the same...
Zombie appears suddently from the darkness...
Zombie says, "hi there. I was the guy that had to translate your words to the
   audience. :)"
Addams applauds Monolith() whole-heartedly.
Turin claps briefly.
McGlynn [to Messiah]: that is exactly why ppl have to struggle for equality
   messaih ..when ppl think their is no way they can be equality <- from
Turin claps Zombie's boring performance!
Messiah [to McGlynn]: Your are then against that women should raise the kids
   at home and the man work for the fammily?
McGlynn [to onolith]: whos truth monolith who's truth are you talkin?
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Personaly, i prefer womyn with ideas. I don't
   became inlove by a body, i become inlove by a soul, and soul i understand
   has the personality, the aurea, the ideas...
                           |                |
spark holds up a BIG sign: | Go Monolith!!! |
McGlynn [to Messiah]: oh dear's a joint effort ...
Messiah . o O ( Go McGlynn!!! )
Monolith() likes joints to
McGlynn grins evilly.
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: If, and when you become in love by a men, what do you
  like in a man? Is butt? Is eyes?
Messiah [to McGlynn]: but that way you could TEACH the MAN ,to make they
   respect more women, don't you think?
Messiah smiles
McGlynn says, "ok i have not slept for many days i hate to be a party stoper
   ..but if i do not sleep one will be here to look after my baby...grin..
   anyway i will put you onto another person from the audience his name is
   trever ..and he is intersted in talkin to yo"
Monolith() agrees and waves to McGlynn
Addams thinks what's makes the humanitie so beautifull is the difference of
   all of us
McGlynn [to Monolith]: well actually men arent always my lovers ..ewwe must be
   careful not to make generalisations
Messiah smiles to McGlynn.., "Ok, sweet dreams!"
Addams asks, "so why do we have to fight for equality ?"
Turin [to Addams]: I agree. Some people (MCC) are inteligent and others
   (LESI) are... lets say... not so?
McGlynn waves good bye to all her freinds ...and would like to just say...
Addams [to Turin]: triste eu sou de lesi
Oblivion waves to McGlynn
Turin [to McGlynn]: Bye. See u tomorrow.
ZarSoft [to Turin]: GRRRRR!!!!
Your message has fallen into oblivion.
Ain't it fun when you know that you're gonna die young... says Suicidal.
Messiah smiles to all.
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Nice talking to you
Suicidal [to Turin]: SMMFD!
Suicidal goes home.
Turin [to ZarSoft]: What?
Turin [to suicidal]: What?
Monolith() [to McGlynn]: Is anybody out there?
Addams waves goodbye ...
Zombie waves happily in McGlynn's direction.
Turin asks, "Mmm... sao todos de LESI?"
Turin . o O ( tadinhos... )
Zombie says, "yup"
Monolith hugs spark.
Kenobi [to Turin]: In english pleas.
Kenobi [to Turin]: In english please
Zombie asks, "vamos ter uma spank-party?"
Zombie lays Turin over the knees and spanks him hard!.
Messiah waves to McGlynn, "We prefered a women at there, but if it's not
  possible nevermind."
Kenobi [to Zombie]: In english please...
Monolith() [to Turin]: This is important stuff. If you don't want, don't smoke
Kenobi thanks mcglyn
Messiah hugs Cyrus.
McGlynn [to Messiah]: hmm maybe you will be talkin to a womyn messiah,,,,,oh
Monolith kicks Cyrus hard!
Addams applauds McGlynn whole-heartedly.
Messiah grins evilly.
Monolith applauds McGlynn whole-heartedly.
Turin [to Monolith]: It's really you. Solid rock as your head.
Kenobi claps briefly.
Addams applauds Colectiva
spark claps Colectiva
Turin falls asleep.
Kenobi claps briefly.
Monolith claps briefly.
Monolith() claps Colectiva to
Zombie dissapear misteriously...
Monolith(Discussing Social Issues) [to McGlynn]: Are there any other directors?
McGlynn says, "hello...."
Monolith(Discussing Social Issues) [to McGlynn]: Hello
McGlynn says, "No sorry they seem to all have disappeared"
Messiah [to Kenobi]: McGlynn is not McGlynn anymore.
Messiah . o O ( ??? )
McGlynn exclaims, "no it is not!"
Messiah wrote to all
spark has disconnected.
ZarSoft has disconnected.
Monolith(Discussing Social Issues) says, "Now i must go home..."
Messiah [to McGlynn]: ok, who's there right now?
Monolith waves happily.
Monolith has disconnected.
Kasat [to Cyrus]: ....mcglynn has gone home and left me on so i can talk to
Messiah GREATS!
Messiah loved that 'Talking Within' movie, btw!
Turin [to Kasat]: Ain't you sleepy yet?
Kasat [to Messiah]: Trev...sorry there's none of the opposite sex around
Messiah . o O ( opposite sex ?? )
Messiah asks, "opposite to whom?"
Messiah smiles
McGlynn [to Messiah]: to me! this is Ot mcglynn everybody
Turin is confused/
Zombie appears suddently from the darkness...
Addams is confused too.
Zombie dissapear misteriously...
Messiah [to McGlynn]: Ok, trevor (?). You work in colectiva, right?
McGlynn asks, "so did anyone wanna talk about interesting issues around the
Messiah agrees with Cy, "Great music!"
Messiah [to McGlynn]: Not really! ;)
Addams says, "chaos"
McGlynn [to Messiah]: wrong..sorry did you want  ask ? about it or the films?
The housekeeper arrives to cart spark off to bed.
Zombie appears suddently from the darkness...
McGlynn [to Addams]: chaos huh?...Alright
The housekeeper arrives to cart ZarSoft off to bed.
Addams says, "this is chaos right now"
The housekeeper arrives to cart Monolith off to bed.
Turin agrees and falls asleep again.
McGlynn [to Cyrus]: hmmm it's being able to work(?) with the opposite sex
   with no domination over one another!
Messiah thinks that women should raise men to teach them how to behave. To
   like women in every way. To respect them. But women reaise kids, and then,
   when they grown up, they treat women as if they were not equal...Why this
McGlynn [to Addams]: real chaos needs order to work!
McGlynn nods to messiah ..."if you start kids to learn to co-operate with the
   opposite sex without any domination......
Addams [to McGlynn]: Chaos as no order to it self ... that's why it's called
McGlynn [to cyrus...*sigh*]: because some 'men ' are brought up beleiving
   women are just slaves they treat them like it when they are older...
   (nobdies perfect!)so therefore to a certain degree we would need seperate
Addams [to Rourke]: you there ?
McGlynn [to Addams]:
Addams [to McGlynn]: yeeeeeesss ?
Turin prefers believeing that men are wimmin's slaves :-D
McGlynn [to Addams]: Kaos needs to have order to be able to corrupt it and
   turn it into kaos!
Kenobi agrees with turin... :)
Messiah [to McGlynn]: Don't you think that female that chose a 'MENS' career,
   look less interesting to other man?
McGlynn [to Cyrus]: Did that answer your ???? :)\
Messiah says, "Like when we r a child...."
McGlynn [to Messiah]: No....what has the type of job got to do with it?..
Messiah says, "...In some girl start playing with our cars.."
Turin [to Kenobi]: Is there any dominatrix amongst the women chars at MOO? B-]
Messiah says, "...You don't want her for our girlfriend, that's for sure"
McGlynn [to Messiah]: why not...when you get a break down and dunno how to
   fix then she'll fix.....
McGlynn exclaims, "if she wanted to that is!"
Messiah don't agree.
Messiah meant car toys (sorry)
McGlynn [to Messiah]: ok then've met a girl at a pub and really like her
   you think she's just right for you and is your 'dream' woman then you find
   out she's a mechanic so you 'drop' her!!?
Messiah smiles.
Messiah don't mean that.
McGlynn [to Messiah]: what do you mean then?
McGlynn waves to cyrus
Messiah thinks that men are used to see women doing women's work
Messiah says, "And when the women start entering their domains they feel
Addams doesn't adree with messiah.
Messiah asks, "And why is that???"
Addams says, "oops agree"
Messiah exclaims, "Because face to face, a woman beats a man every time!"
Messiah smiles
McGlynn [to Messiah]: huh?...from my perspective i think you is sayin' that
   women is over takin 'men' jobs?
Messiah exclaims, "NO!!"
McGlynn exclaims, "oh!"
McGlynn exclaims, "sorry...i musta got wrong message!"
Turin has disconnected.
Messiah would like to ask some women the following
Messiah asks, "Is there any women who can respond?"
McGlynn exclaims, "is any one else gonna get in on tha conversation or just
McGlynn smiles happily.
Addams has disconnected.
McGlynn exclaims, "aahh,but, it is good to put your two cents so other people
   know how you feel about that subject!"
McGlynn hhmmms
Messiah is trying to have a discussion here...Jesus!
Addams has connected.
Messiah says, "oks"
McGlynn [to Messiah]: what exactly are you sayin about women in 'mens'jobs(i
   need info!)(by tha way everyone i'm a MALE!
Zombie [to Turin]: let's go home, ok?
The housekeeper arrives to cart Turin off to bed.
McGlynn nods to cyrus "yes it is so you can get everyone elses perspective !
Zombie has disconnected.
Messiah says, "I said that men want to see their wifes at home whatching
   their kids"
Messiah says, "And that can never be changed"
Messiah [to Cyrus]: X-CUSE ME??
McGlynn [to Messiah]: but thats not equality...Member it's a joint dielsd
Messiah [to Cyrus]: do u want to come home and your dinner it's not fixed?
Messiah exclaims, "Well, i don't!"
McGlynn grins at cyrus
Addams [to Messiah]: I do it ... very often
Messiah exclaims, "The women CAN'T turn back on their role on society!"
Messiah says, "We (MEN) build society for all"
Addams [to McGlynn]: are you the only one that is there ?
McGlynn exclaims, "well in some way i can agree with you ,some sort of
   protection have to take on the responsibility TOGETHER and
   decide TOGETHER!"
McGlynn [to Addams]: well i am now..i think1
Messiah asks, "So , who raise the kids, if their OWN mothers are conserned
   with their careers, about passing man, and take over??"
Messiah asks, "women want the power??"
Messiah think that should be an equality
Messiah asks, "But what kind of equality we want?"
Messiah says, "We're not equal"
The housekeeper arrives to cart Zombie off to bed.
McGlynn asks, "ahhhhh there you go mess We duz that mean we males? or we m
   and F Together?"
Addams supports cyrus theory.
Ain't it fun when you know that you're gonna die young... says Suicidal.
Messiah says, "I think, that we (men and women) should take a role on society.
   I that means that women can work side by side at the same work. But we're
   not equal. Women think diferent from men"
Suicidal says, "back..."
Suicidal bows gracefully.
McGlynn [to Cyrus]: well??/ if you and your wife both decide jointly and you
   come to that decision then...there ya go...equality!
Addams agrees whole-heartedly.
Suicidal agrees whole-heartedly.
Messiah wants to raise their kids with my wife, that;s not the point
McGlynn [to Messiah]: true ,but, you're taking it to a different level from
   what i am sayin!!it duz'nt just apply to your lover!it applies to all
   members of the opposite sex that both sexes should be able to exist in
   society  equaly..
Messiah says that i problably will teach my kid diferent thinks that my wife
  will teach him, and that blend of the two of us, that will make him a man
  (or woman, of course)
McGlynn exclaims, "without any dominion over one another!"
Messiah nods, "Exactly!"
McGlynn says, "you can both teach the child to be able te exist in a
   community/society whilst respecting the opposite sex and listening to
   their opinion and give them a chance to say there word and help make a
Messiah says, "but if my female child wants to be a wrestling fighter i
   should be ....  very very concerned about it, right?? :)""
Suicidal smiles happily.
Suicidal asks, "and what do you think of children being raised by homosexuals?"
Messiah think that most women take a "tradicional mens' career so they can
   prove to themselfs that they can be better that man.
Messiah says, "That's the differece"
McGlynn exclaims, "personaly I'm an anarchist ..dunno if you know what a real
   anarhist is but i think that people should live in a society and exist
   singulary..i.e no religion!"
Che appears in your midst..
Che waves.
Kenobi waves happily.
Messiah says, "I want a career that give me money so i can raise my familly
   with no problems, women want a career to show man they can do it"
McGlynn exclaims, "every one contributes and to it without anoying another
You say, "Vou-te dar o money em florins..."
Suicidal [to Cyrus]: that;s what i;m thinking...
You exclaim, "OOPS!"
Messiah agradece as palmas
Suicidal smiles happily.
Messiah  :)
Oblivion goes home.
Messiah [to McGlynn]: So, you're against society, being an anarchist...
McGlynn [to Messiah]: hmm dunno coz me is not female! but i dinna think so...
   i work so i can get money to support my family and my wants and for
   the self...
Messiah says, "You don't believe that a society can have rules"
Suicidal waves happily.
Suicidal goes home.
McGlynn [to Messiah]: hhmmm tricky one...religion government and gangs are
   what cause wars and conflicts...kay...if we all existed as our own
   individual persons and did'nt have people DOMINATING over us i.e
   governments. then,.....
Messiah smiles to McGlynn, shaking his head.
McGlynn says, "we would have half as many..i say half coz you get people that
   deliberatly do shit to annoy people..see power corrupts"
Messiah says, "NO no no"
McGlynn [to Messiah]: don't you agree?
Messiah will try to put it on words
McGlynn exclaims, "me is finding it hard to spit out the right words!"
Messiah [to McGlynn]: Where do u think that model of society (i.e no
   governments, no religion. etc) would lead us?
McGlynn says, "cummon everyone this concerns you   ,...i would like to know
   your opinions on this subject"
McGlynn [to Messiah]: i've missed out heaps........kaos and order are perfect
Messiah [=cy]: Help me on this one, man!
Addams has no political beliefs.
Messiah pats Addams on his head.
Messiah . o O ( poor guy )
McGlynn [to Messiah]: wait min let me put into words so you can get full info!
Messiah grins
Messiah oks
It's a plane! No! It's a bird! No! It's Senna
McGlynn says, "hey cyrus hurry up and join in..the more tha merrier"

E a gravação deste evento termina por aqui pois o Kenobi também teve de se desligar do MOOsaico. Esperamos que tenham gostado da discussão.

Nota do Editor: Pelo meio da conversa vi muitas referência ao Cyrus mas nunca vi nenhuma frase dele. Por isso, ou ele só estava a falar por sussurros e pages com as outras pessoas ou então o nosso querido Kenobi tinha-lhe feito um @gag. 8-)

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