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MOO Client Protocol 2.1 Support (and other plugins)

MOOsaico supports the following packages

    dns-org-mud-moo-simpleedit      dns-com-awns-status
    dns-com-vmoo-client             dns-com-awns-serverinfo
    dns-com-vmoo-pages              dns-com-awns-ping
    dns-com-vmoo-userlist           dns-com-awns-displayurl
    dns-com-vmoo-mmedia *           dns-com-awns-visual
    dns-com-zuggsoft-msp *          dns-org-cubik-prompt

    * under test
Use the @mcp command to check the availability of these. The folder *clients in MOOsaico is the place of discussion for issues about MOO clients and MCP/2.1.

Check the rest of the page for some packages for your client of choice. The following clients support MCP/2.1 and some of the listed packages above: TinyFugue, tkMOO-light, tkMOO-SE, GnoeMoe, Trebuchet Tk, gMOO, VMOO, zMUD and KoeMoe, Atlantis, MudWalker, Savitar .

You can check their appearance with these screenshots.


Windows, Macintosh, Linux

No. The package is not here. It is better to get it from the original place:

MCP plugins

UPDATE: Get all plugins and macros from here (MCP plugins) and here (MCP/2.1 base macros).

Get the MCP/2.1 macros from Unpack it in your tf-lib. With these macros you will get MCP (MOO Client Protocol) support from tf so you can interact with some moo packages. One of the most important one is local editing (edit text in a separate window). Make sure your /addworld includes -Ttiny.moo on your MOO worlds.

Note: As MOOsaico is running LambdaMOO server 2.8.2 you must update your file for this and this one.

Local MCP/2.1 packages for TinyFugue:

dns-com-vmoo-client v1.4
Implements some client info to be known within the MOO. Name, version and client window size are some of them. Nice for better tables and horizontal text.
dns-com-awns-status v1.0
The package allows the server to send short, human readable, informational messages to cooperating clients. The client will display it on a status bar. This implementation uses the window title.
dns-com-awns-displayurl v0.1
The package allows the server to send URLs to the client. The client should then use a client-side webbrowser to display the contents of the URL. You have to edit it and write your browser name.
dns-com-awns-ping v0.2
Allows both client and server to test the latency of a user's connection, a rough indication of net-lag. An indicator shows up on the right side of the worlds name on the visual bar. Of course you need /visual on. This is just the client test for now.
All these in a package to download and the GPG signature.

If you need some help check this small HOW-TO.

GPG Signature:
The packages here have been signed by the wizards.
You can get the public key from any keyserver with the key id 0x24B51361, or directly from here: moosaico-pubkey.asc
The public key fingerprint should be:
pub  1024D/24B51361 2005-03-16 MOOsaico
     ( <>
     Key fingerprint = DF47 12EF 7125 57B0 15BB  C1C6 72C7 CD75 24B5 1361
For more information about public key signatures, see

Other plugins

You must get one of the following two if you type with accents:
If a LambdaMOO server has a database that supports sending binary chars to the player, this way everyone can type accented characters and make them appear to the others. Now you can send pages and messages in MOOsaico with your lovely accents.

Do not forget to set @client-options charset=latin1.
If you really want to see the ~XX codes for debugging get this. [v3]
Just type the accented characters you are used to, and automagically they are converted to a 7 bit codification. It is working with Euro € :)


Windows, Macintosh, Linux

Very good local editing support and many more features can be used with this client. Start to get it. For many plugins check the plugins area of tkMOO.

Put these extentions in plugins directory:

latin1_keys.tcl v0.1
Type accented characters! This plugin let's you use your usual international keyboard and fonts with MOOsaico. You can turn it off under the Special Forces pop-down.
Do not forget to set @client-options charset=latin1.
Contribution by pmsac.
autoupdate.tcl v0.10
The tool you're waiting for! Keep on top of the wave! This autoupdater will check automatically if there are new or updated plugins and will get them for you. You've just have to restart your client. Are you a Windows user ? The client binary for windows doesn't have HTTP support so you need to also copy this http.tcl to your plugins directory.
client-info.tcl v0.8
Show to the moo system what client you are using so it gets better support. It also update your @linelen if you resize your window.


If you want to use emacs as a client download this client.

To type accented character, first change the rmoo-send-here functions by this one and add this file to the rest of the code.
Contribution by LordChaos.

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