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Refusal Help (#139)

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Syntax: @refusals

Shows a listing of all the refusals under effect ordered by actions.


Syntax: @refuse <actions> [from <users>] [for <period of time>]

This will refuse action from user for a certain period of time.

<action> must be one of: 

	page: all pages from <user> will be refused.
	mail: all incoming mail from <user> will be refused.
	move: any attempt to move from <user> or any verb programmed by him
will be refused.
	accept: any objects teleported from that <user> or by any verb of his
will be refused.
	all: all the above actions.

If no users are specified, the refusal will take place for all the users
instead of just one or a list of users. The refusals are added in a stack
fashion, i.e. if one refuses an action from a certain amount of users and then
one issues the refusals of said action globally, when removing the global
refusal, the previous individual refusals will remain.

<period of time> describes the period of time during which the action will be

In case <period of time> is not supplied, a default period of one week will be


Syntax: @unrefuse <actions> [from <users>]

Removes a previous refusal of <actions> which existed from <users>. If <users>
is not supplied, it removes the global refusal.

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