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MOOsaico is the oldest text based virtual environment operating in Portugal and for some time the only one in the world with multilingual support. It's alive since January 7, 1994

The easiest way to enter the world is using telnet to port 7777.
A special client is a must for a better interaction. Almost all MUD clients should work well. For a good use of accented characters you may check MOO's clients zone.
Or you can use your chat client adding as a XMPP contact.

" I can't remember the password of my character!!! :-( "

Don't you already have a character in this MOO ?
Connect as a guest and use the command @request!

If you already has a character help us promoting MOOsaico.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome :-)

Automatic list of the 10 most recently created characters:

gvlx (#13845), Cadu (#13843), naoseioqueestouafazeraqui (#13842), BilboBaggins (#13841), zipzap (#13840), cardinal (#13839), Dock (#13838), Oscar (#13837), Falco (#13836), e mcampos (#13835)


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